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  • Vacancy rates and tenant pre-qualifications are major factors which affect your investment.
  • With our Condo Rental  program we will keep your property rented   thus bringing you peace of mind.


Your condo will be listed in 2 days and LEASED in 7 days ( average):

-MLS , realtor.ca

-my exclusive brokerage network ( shared with another  brokerages and few thousands  agents)

- home page of condos123.ca and condosrentals.ca, my personal websites

After the condo will be listed we will email you daily the received offers . All the offers will be screened ( income, credit score, references) and we will do my due diligence to verify all the information. The offers will be presented to you and only you will have the final decision in the selection.

We will prepare all the documents ( Agreement to lease, Standard Lease agreement - mandatory government form, ...)

The tenant will pay as a deposit first and last month after you will accept the offer. The funds will be deposited to my brokerage. At the closing day  ( key exchange) , you will receive:

- balance of deposit , first and last month deposit minus my fees

-10 postdated cheques

-key deposit cheque

-tenant insurance

If we don't lease out your condo you don't have to pay us anything at all.

We are closing 8-10 lease deals a month and we have the expertise and the means to select your right tenant  in the shortest period of time for the maximum amount of rent.

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Marketing the property

  • design the ad, advertise the property on tailored channels and do phone screening

Toronto | Scarborough Condos

Showing the property to potential tenants

  • prepare the rental application documents, show the property to potential tenant, process the complete rental application with Equifax credit score, letter of employment, and reference letters

Mediating the rental process to closing

  •  verify the tenant's credentials, make background checks, inquire into the tenant history, ensure due diligence, sign the lease agreement, and receive the deposit.

Rent Your Condo 

       SAFE and FAST

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